Your Guide to the Most Enchanting Runway Paradise

Published : Jan 29,2020 07:01 am

Come spring or winter, it’s time for a renewed gusto among the fashionistas. The air is full of anticipation for the World Fashion Week, looking forward to watching the new-fangled range of aesthetics, colours, and moods. Dreariness gives way to cheer and magic for those who live in vogue as they can instantly connect with the language of fashion. If you are one of those who await the showcase of stunning seasonal collections from the world's leading fashion designs, brace yourself for the most exhilarating display in 2020. The wait is over, the journey to World Fashion Week will soon commence in the city of New York from February, creating novel chronicles through the heart of London, Milan, and Paris. Experience the runway as it is time to embrace new trends!


World fashion week takes place twice a year in February to March and then in September to October. Impending schedule of World Fashion Week 2020 is detailed below for you to plan and attend.


New York Fashion Week 2020/21

Dates: 7th-13th February 2020 & 11th-16th September 2020

Organising Authority: Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)

Organising Authority website:

Event Information: Men & Women Runway presentations

Location: Skylight Clarkson Square, 550 Washington Street, New York, NY 10014

London Fashion Week 2020/21

Dates: 14th-18th February 2020 & 18th-22nd September 2020

Organising Authority: British Fashion Council

Organising Authority website:

Event Information: Catwalks, Presentations, and other events

Location: BFC Show Space, The Store X, 180 Strand, London, WC2R 1EA

Milan Fashion Week 2020/21

Dates: 18th-24th February 2020 & 22nd-28th September 2020

Organising Authority: Fashion Chamber of Milan, Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana, and Women Fashion Week

Organising Authority website:

Event Information: Fashion and Leisure Catwalks and shows

Location: Milano Moda Donna, Fiera Milano City, Viale Lodovico, Scarampo, Milan, Italy

Paris Fashion Week 2020/21

Dates: 24th February 2020 to 3rd March 2020 & 29th September 2020 to 5th October 2020

Organising Authority: French Fashion Federation

Organising Authority website:

Event Information: Haute couture and Ready-to-wear Spring/summer collection

Location: Paris Fashion District, Normandy Le Chantier, Paris


The first-ever fashion week was held in 1943 in New York to expand French fashion alternatives for buyers. Today, fashion is regarded as more of an 'art' for designers to display their spirit and flavour through conceptual clothing. Widening its vista year after year for decades, Fashion Week is currently celebrated as a worldwide event that is held semi-annually in February and September, covering the four fashion capitals of the world, namely Paris, Milan, London, and New York also known as the 'Big Four'. Despite the evolution in theme and technological advancement over the years, the main objective of fashion week remains business and marketing.


The events during the week showcase fashion fads at a grand scale. World Fashion Week serves as an international platform for the coming together of the world's renowned fashion designers, legendary models, and other professionals for the promotion of world couture, fabricated clothing, and accessories. It is a stage where brands move with increasing pace, vying with one another, working in consonance with their environment and acting swiftly in response to it, thus setting up the framework for a prospective market. Fashion week plays a significant role and fine-tunes the industry by influencing the choice of fashionistas in dressing up and impacting their buying behaviour. From the selection of material, design, style, and colour, to the latest innovations and sustainability, the radiance of fashion reaches every nook and cranny.


Besides the global platform of big four cities that exert a major influence on world fashion trends, significantly impacting the economic output and dominating the fashion industry. There are smaller fashion circuits too, countries like India, China, Venice, Australia, Tokyo, Russia, and Berlin which hold shows and runways of several international brands that are known for their craftsmanship and novel designs. 


These events offer great value to the industry by acting as stimulating platforms for encouraging talent. They also serve the prudent audience, indigenous designers and artisans to broaden their outlook. Is it a wonder then, to uncover the findings of a study named ‘The State of Fashion 2020’ by McKinsey and Co., which establishes a certain connection between the countries that promote fashion and the proximate fashion destinations of the world? With that said, the fashion industry will remain a 'winner takes all' market where those who pay attention to the details will evolve and dominate the revenue curve.


Fashion week serves as an inspiring opportunity for the classy fashionistas who desire to be in the seasonal trend and express their style of living. It is a fortune style and creativity to create your own fashion statement with a smile!


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